Walk and Talk Walks
Walk and Talk Walks
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Worm's Head from Rhossili Down
People walking along the sand towards Mumbles
People walking along the sand towards Mumbles

A Walk and Talk Walk is planned around a common theme. These could include memorial walks, menopause walks, workplace walks, or celebration walks – see below. A Walk and Talk walk opens and holds a precious space for people to connect, reflect, and just be together.

Why walk and talk? Because it is often easier to talk while walking. Discussion, chatting, sharing with people you know can somehow be facilitated by being in the open air. The outdoor surroundings and moving through nature together help the conversation to flow.

It goes without saying that there are many wonderful places to hold such walks in the Swansea and Gower area, from parks, dunes and beaches to hills, moors and woods.

As a celebrant accredited with Humanists UK I am trained to lead such events.

Memorial walks

A memorial walk brings family and friends together to celebrate the life of a loved one they have lost. We may walk to a particular place that was precious to that person, or retrace a favourite route. We could prepare a short ceremony to share at a particular spot. The walk could include a scattering of ashes, some singing and dancing, some storytelling and reminiscing – whatever feels right to you.  

Menopause walks

A menopause walk brings together people of all genders to talk through issues relating to the menopause: symptoms, remedies, challenges, opportunities. Talking to others similarly affected can be very helpful. This is not counselling and no medical advice is given, but the mutual support can be hugely beneficial. The same goes for cancer walks or walks arranged around other mental and physical health issues.

Workplace walks

A workplace walk or corporate walk gives groups of employees a chance to meet and exercise together outside the workplace. This may help relieve workplace stress, for example for NHS workers or other frontline workers affected by Covid. Issues of common concern can be aired and discussed in a neutral and uplifting space.

Celebration walks

A celebration walk might be held to mark the birth of a child or a rite of passage such as a gender transition or a retirement. A short ceremony could be held at a particular spot and time taken to pause, reflect and even raise a glass or two (drivers excepted!). Family groups and children in particular would enjoy such an event.

Contact me to discuss your needs and we can plan the event together.